Bootcamp: E-Learning for Engagement

students engaging

Course description

The educator in online e-learning has even a greater role to ensure that students are being guided through the proper learning materials and also getting opportunities to connect and collaborate with others in their classes. The online educator needs to become an agile facilitator that understands the whole new scope of learning factors when delivering courses online.

Learning outcomes:

In this bootcamp course, you’ll be exposed to a variety of useful e-learning approaches and best practices that will enable increased student engagement and learning in an online based environment. Additionally, you’ll learn the why of the methodologies being suggested as they tie into established pedagogical practices.

Lastly, this course goes into what supports need to be in place to make e-learning successful in your class and at your school.

Course Structure

This course will expand on each of these learning outcomes further in 3 different modules:

  1. Student Engagement
  2. Social- Constructivist Approaches
  3. E-Learning Technology Infrastructure